August 22, 2013

Wrap up 2010 Cypress-Medicine Hat flood claims now: Barnes

MEDICINE HAT, AB (August 22, 2013): The PC government needs to expedite unresolved claims outstanding from the 2010 flood that caused extensive damage in Cypress-Medicine Hat, given the hundreds of claims that will result from the 2013 flood, local MLA Drew Barnes said today.

 In a letter to Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths, Barnes told the minister his local constituency office continues to receive requests for help and complaints stemming from the 2010 flood settlement process. “A full three years after the fact, residents of Cypress-Medicine Hat are still asking questions about their unresolved 2010 flood claims,” Barnes said. “It is my hope the government will expedite unresolved settlements in Cypress-Medicine Hat and learn from these problems when dealing with the 2013 floods. Three years is simply too long to wait.” Barnes asked the minister to ensure the government will act on claims in a timely manner, that consultants and adjusters not be asked to deal with claims without proper government authority, and that the rules be made clear. Barnes also requested an explanation for why LandLink Consulting used government letterhead to correspond with Medicine Hat residents, and how the LandLink contract was allowed to go $6.5 million over-budget. “Let’s not still be working to settle claims from this year’s flood in 2016,” Barnes said. “With the amount of public money being spent on disaster recovery, it is imperative that Albertans have transparency when it comes to governmental contracts and spending efficiently."  


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