April 14, 2015

Wildrose would put an end to PC secrecy and entitlement

EDMONTON, AB (April 14, 2015): After 44 years of the same old entitled PCs passing phony, secret and bad laws, the Wildrose today committed to ending PC entitlement and restoring democracy.

“The Prentice PCs have taken a wrecking ball to public trust.  At every turn, they break their promises, do their best to undermine democracy and have never been more entitled and secretive,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Only the Wildrose will stand up for good government and has a bold vision for restoring democracy and transparency.”

Under the Prentice PCs, Alberta has become increasingly secretive passing phony laws, bad laws and secret laws.

Examples include:

  • The PC expense disclosure policy created a secret category of expenses that has allowed senior government officials to hide almost $6 million in expenses since 2012, while pretending to disclose all expenses in an online database.
  • 56 laws gathering dust that have yet to be proclaimed into law such as the 2012 Education Act and the 2010 Mandatory Reporting of Child Pornography Act
  • Laws that block citizens from challenge Cabinet rulings and decisions in the courts without first getting Cabinet permission

“The PCs have given themselves the power to pad up their perks behind closed doors, without every having to pass a law in the Legislature.  Committees are powerless, and our offices of the Legislature are being gutted,” Jean said.  “The Wildrose will stand up for democracy and accountability and bring in meaningful policy to restore trust in government.”

As part of Standing Up for Democracy and Accountability, a Wildrose government would give teeth to independent offices of the Legislature like the Auditor General and Ethics Commissioner, keep MLAs accountable by banning floor crossing and bringing in MLA recall and implement reforms to the legislative process to put an end to PC cronyism.

On May 5, Albertans have an important choice to make: a vote for higher taxes, higher spending and less services, or a vote for the Wildrose - a party dedicated to no tax increases, and a positive vision for jobs, growth and prosperity. The only way to stop your taxes from going up is to vote Wildrose.


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