February 01, 2013

Wildrose welcomes Japan's decision to open market to Canadian beef

EDMONTON, AB (February 1, 2013): Wildrose Agriculture Critic Ian Donovan and Wildrose MLA Jason Hale released the following joint statement welcoming the Japanese government’s decision to start allowing Canadian beef imports from cows up to 30 months of age: 

“The Alberta beef industry is off to a promising start this year with the news Japan will open its markets to Canadian beef from beginning today. This long overdue development comes as welcome news to the Alberta cattle industry and will no doubt be a tremendous boost to overall consumer confidence in our products. Alberta is one of the top producers of safe, premium cut meats in the world, and this will provide an important market extension that will strengthen the industry all over Alberta. “The Wildrose Official Opposition believes in working with our international trading partners to foster growth for Alberta industries, and we are all very pleased with today’s developments. Hopefully this move will translate to future job growth and market expansion.”  


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