April 21, 2012

Wildrose Voters Subjected To Dirty Tricks By Opponents

April 21, 2012 (Calgary, AB): Alberta voters face a historic choice on Monday, when they will have the opportunity to choose between very different visions for Alberta. But rather than focussing on making an informed decision, voters are being harassed, intimidated, and given faulty information about Wildrose policies. 

Over the past weeks we have witnessed increasingly dirty campaign tactics designed only to suppress potential Wildrose voters. Wildrose has already begun to forward evidence to the RCMP, Elections Alberta, and the CRTC, who will investigate these acts of voter suppression. But, with less than two days to go, it is unlikely any action will be taken in time. Therefore, we call upon all party leaders, especially Premier Redford, to rein in their campaign operatives, and to join Wildrose in confirming that they will not tolerate the use of voter suppression tactics. Here are some of the suppression tactics that are being used: PC PUSH POLL: In the opening days of the election, campaign strategist Stephen Carter admitted that the PCs were behind a push poll intentionally giving false and misleading statements about the Wildrose. (http://www.wildrose.ca/press-releases/just-the-facts-push-poll-sponsored-by-redford-pcs/ALBERTA FEDERATION OF LABOUR PUSH POLL: The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL), a non-registered third party, sent out calls across the province that violated Elections Alberta law and were designed to mischaracterize Wildrose positions to those who answered the phone; Wildrose is still waiting to hear whether Elections Alberta will act on this. (http://www.wildrose.ca/wp-admin/post.php?post=10196&action=editFRAUDULENT WILDROSE SPAM CALLS:  Automated phone calls falsely claiming to be from Wildrose have been burdening Albertans with multiple calls placed during the day and calls sent during the middle of the night. Today we're hearing that Calgary Foothills voters are getting robo calls pretending to be Wildrose but promoting a skewed view of our platform. All these illegal tactics are clearly designed to annoy and suppress Wildrose voters. Besides the Grande Prairie calls that have been well documented (http://www.dailyheraldtribune.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3538669) and which the RCMP are investigating, Wildrose has received several other complaints across the province, including the ridings of Airdire, Calgary Acadia, Calgary Varsity, Calgary Fish Creek, Calgary Foothills, Calgary Glenmore, Edmonton Gold Bar, Edmonton Manning, Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills,  Calgary Cross, Calgary Buffalo, Calgary Varsity, Edmonton Whitemud, Calgary Hawkwood, Edmonton Castle Downs, Calgary Glenmore, Lacombe Ponoka, Edmonton Mill Woods, Leduc Beaumont, Calgary North West, Grande Prairie Wapiti/Smoky, Calgary Elbow, and  Edmonton  Beverly Clareview (http://www.wildrose.ca/press-releases/warning-of-fraudulent-wildrose-calls/). Wildrose encourages all Albertans to research each political party, their policies, and their records in order to make an educated and informed decision on Monday. We hope that Albertans will not be dissuaded from voting by unethical behaviour on the part of our opponents. Elections matter, every voter's vote matters, and we ask that Albertans stand up against these dirty tricks by getting out to vote at either today's advance poll or at the polls on Monday. For more information on Wildrose policies, please visit www.wildrose.ca.


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