December 10, 2015

Wildrose the only party that can stand up against NDP's risky economic agenda

During the fall session, the Wildrose Official Opposition proved to be the only party capable of standing up for jobs and fighting against the NDP government’s ideological and risky agenda.


The house was shut down until the beginning of spring session today after the NDP invoked closure on Bill 6 – legislation opposed by the vast majority of Albertans. 


“Wildrose is now the clear alternative against an NDP government that is out-of-touch with Alberta values, and is pushing ahead with an agenda opposed by the vast majority of the province,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Albertans were looking for an NDP that would put ideology aside in favour of doing what’s best for Alberta, but instead they saw the NDP take direct aim at our farms, our energy sector and our finances by passing a budget that will bring in $50 billion of debt.” 


Wildrose was the first party to lead the charge against Bill 6, exposing its flaws and presenting an alternative strategy to improving farm safety by developing an industry-driven farm safety council. 


On fighting for the 80,000 Albertans who have lost their jobs, Wildrose outlined how policies such as the NDP’s new $3 billion carbon tax, royalty review, higher business and personal taxes, as well as a dramatic 50 per cent minimum wage increase are causing investment to flee the province, wages to be reduced and companies to be shut down.  


This session, Wildrose asked 103 questions on the economy, 47 on the damage of new tax increases, 86 on Bill 6 and 65 on NDP policies that are hurting front-line health care services for Albertans. 


Jean said Premier Rachel Notley’s stubborn approach to targeting Alberta’s industry shows just how deeply out-of-touch the NDP has become with Albertans. 


“Ms. Notley recently called Alberta an ‘embarrassing cousin,’ and everything she has done since then proves that she is more interested in taking Alberta down a peg than doing what’s best for our province,” Jean said. “Albertans are worried, but they can be reassured, Wildrose will fight for them every step of the way.” 


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