January 28, 2014

Wildrose supports federal action on country of origin labelling

PONOKA, AB (January 28, 2014): The provincial government should support the federal government’s move to consider retaliatory measures aimed at ending the punitive country of origin labeling (COOL) requirements hampering trade with the U.S., Wildrose said today. Reports indicate the Government of Canada is considering retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products after the U.S. government failed to make satisfactory changes as ordered by a World Trade Organization ruling in 2013. 

“I would encourage the PC government to step up their efforts to help end the hardships on Alberta ranchers due to the ongoing international dispute with the U.S. regarding country of origin labeling,” Wildrose International and Intergovernmental Relations Critic Rod Fox said. “It’s time to see the provincial government step up to the plate like our friends in Saskatchewan in supporting the federal government to get to the table on negotiating an end to these burdensome and economically unwise sanctions against Canadian producers and American workers.” Fox and Wildrose Agriculture Critic Ian Donovan continue to consult with ranchers about the negative consequences of COOL and the need to end trade barriers in order to promote freer trade and economic prosperity. “We’re talking about $1 billion in losses a year out of the pockets of Canadians due to COOL,” Donovan said. “We need the provincial government to take its advocacy to the next level to help our farmers and ranchers navigate through this disappointing trade roadblock.”


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