February 10, 2016

Wildrose statement on Auditor General's report: Human Services

Today, Wildrose Shadow Human Services Minister Angela Pitt released the following statement concerning the Auditor General’s analysis of the lack of systems to manage the accumulated surplus and inadequate public reporting of Special Reserve Funds at the Public Trustee:


“The Public Trustee is responsible for managing funds for Alberta’s most vulnerable, and the findings are deeply troubling.


“According to the report, these surplus funds have been managed without adequate systems and reporting, and I support the Auditor’s recommendations fully.


“This department has been continuously under review by the Auditor General and private auditing firms since 2011. It is clear that past and current ministers have failed to take action to protect vulnerable Albertans.


“I will be closely monitoring this situation to ensure the Auditor General’s recommendations are implemented now and that responsible practices are instituted by the Public Trustee.”



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