October 24, 2012

Wildrose Shatters Records with Campaign Fundraising

(Calgary, AB: October 24, 2012): Wildrose has set a new record for opposition party fundraising during an election campaign, and led the way among all Alberta political parties according to campaign financial information filed with Elections Alberta. During the election campaign period, which ran from March 26th to June 23rd 2012, Wildrose raised nearly $3 million, roughly double what the governing Redford PCs raised in the same period.  Wildrose’s campaign fundraising came from 8,738 unique donors.

Approximately three-quarters of Wildrose’s contributions came from individual donors. “The strong success in our campaign fundraising shows that Wildrose’s commitment to putting Albertans first resonated with everyday Alberta families,” said Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith.  “The especially strong support we received from individual donors proves that unlike the Redford PCs, we aren’t beholden to special interests and backroom deals.” The Wildrose campaign also posted a surplus of approximately $29,000, compared to the massive campaign deficit of more than $3 million posted by the Redford PCs. “As a fiscally responsible party, I’m pleased to see that Wildrose finished the campaign in the black, leaving us well-positioned for the next year,” said Wildrose Executive Director Jonathon Wescott.  “Unlike the governing PCs, who have posted massive government deficits and now massive party deficits, Wildrose believes in balanced budgets both at the party level and at the government level.” Wildrose campaign fundraising facts:

  •  Total campaign period fundraising: $2,935,008
  •  Total donations from individuals: $2,161,106
  •  Total donations from corporations: $773,902
  •  Number of individual donors: 8,461
  •  Number of corporate donors: 277

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