March 15, 2016

Wildrose releases Jobs Action Plan: 12 recommendations to get Albertans working again

Restoring the Alberta Advantage, getting Albertans back to work and providing stability for Alberta’s energy sector are the three key principles that guide the 12 common sense recommendations in the Wildrose Jobs Action Plan released today by the Wildrose Official Opposition.

Highlights of the Wildrose Jobs Action Plan include:

  • Provide a one per cent cut to the small business tax;
  • Reduce WCB premiums by 50 per cent for the first 100 employees in each business and eliminate premiums for new hires until the WCB’s assets are drawn down to 114 per cent of their liabilities;
  • Cut red tape 20 per cent by 2019 and implement a one-for-one rule on the introduction of new regulations;
  • Cancel the NDP’s $3 billion dollar carbon tax until a full economic impact analysis is conducted; and,
  • Enhance opportunities for apprentices to work on provincial builds so they can finish their training.

“Albertans are experiencing the worst job loss our province has seen in over three decades. They want hope and they want leaders that are willing to stand up for them on the national stage,” Jean said. “Unlike the NDP, who don’t seem to understand that they are only making a bad situation even worse, Wildrose is determined to once again make Alberta the best place in the world to live, start a business and raise a family.”

Jean was joined at today’s announcement with Wildrose Shadow Jobs Minister Grant Hunter, Shadow Economic Development Minister Prasad Panda and Shadow Energy Minister Leela Aheer. The report can be read in full at

“Albertans are not looking for handouts, they are looking for a hand up,” Hunter said. “If adopted by the NDP government, these policies would provide hope and opportunity to the thousands of Albertans out of work.”

The NDP government has embarked on an ideological economic agenda that includes tripling the tax on large emitters, raising business and personal taxes and introducing a new $3 billion carbon tax.

“The NDP plan for the economy is to raise everyone’s taxes in order to create new programs that pick winners and losers,” Panda said. “The Wildrose Jobs Action Plan will bring stability back to Alberta’s economy, restore Albertans’ confidence and provide businesses with the tools and the incentives they need to rebuild the Alberta Advantage.”

Summary of the 12-point action plan:

Restoring the Alberta Advantage

     1. Lower the Small Business Tax 
     2. Reduce Red Tape by 20 per cent
     3. Delay Carbon Tax Pending an Economic Analysis

Getting Albertans Back to Work

     4. WCB Premium Holiday
     5. Invest in Alberta’s Knowledge Infrastructure
     6. Maximize use of Existing Knowledge Infrastructure
     7. Increase Apprenticeship Usage on Government Projects
     8. Maximize use of Existing Federal Programs
     9. Empower Local Economic Development Organizations

Providing Stability to the Energy sector

     10. Delay Proposed Electricity Grid Changes
     11. Short-Term Stimulus for Energy Sector
     12. Fight for Pipelines


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