May 03, 2015

Wildrose releases campaign donor list; challenges PCs & NDP to follow suit

CALGARY, AB (May 3, 2015): Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released all reportable contributions to the Wildrose campaign (over $250) so far and urged PC leader Jim Prentice and NDP Leader Rachel Notley to do the same.

Jean said Prentice and Notley needs to be fully transparent with voters before election day to assure them his party isn’t doing what it did in the final days of the 2012 campaign when it collected a massive single donation from a wealthy donor that skirted Alberta election laws.  

“In 2012, the PCs were on the brink of defeat and were desperate for anything that would save them and they find themselves in a very similar situation today,” Jean said. “We have released our large campaign contributions and I hope Mr. Prentice will put to rest any notion his party might once again be flouting the law to save their regime.”

"The NDP must also release its large donors list, so that Albertans can understand what special interests Rachel Notley is beholden to," Jean said.  "The NDP needs to be fully transparent with Albertans before election day."

Since the campaign began, Wildrose has received $735,567 in total contributions over $250, from 442 donors and over $1 million in total contributions.

“Wildrose is a grassroots party that relies on the generosity of everyday Albertans,” Jean said. “I am extremely proud of the campaign we have mounted. We have shown Albertans that we are resilient and we will always fight for their interests, no matter what.”


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