April 09, 2012

Wildrose Pledge #5: The Alberta Accountability Act

April 9, 2012 (Edmonton, AB): Today, Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith announced the fifth and final Wildrose Pledge: the Alberta Accountability Act, a comprehensive plan to clean up government by restoring openness, honesty, democracy, and accountability to the Government of Alberta. "After forty years in power, Alison Redford's PC Party has succumbed to a culture of corruption and entitlement," said Smith.

"The fifth component of our Wildrose Pledge to Albertans, the Alberta Accountability Act, will restore democracy, ethics, and accountability to government." In recent years, Albertans have witnessed bullying and intimidation of school boards, municipalities, doctors and hospital staff, massive cabinet pay raises awarded behind closed doors, million-dollar severance payoffs for retiring ministers, health care queue jumping by insiders, vote-buying and influence-peddling by leadership contenders, extra pay for do-nothing committee jobs, and illegal donations to the PC Party from municipalities, universities, and other public agencies that receive government funding. To restore integrity to the provincial government and faith in its political representatives, the Wildrose Alberta Accountability Act will:

  • Ensure MLAs are accountable to their constituents by allowing MLAs a free vote on every proposed law and giving voters the right to recall MLAs who put the interests of themselves or their party above the interests of their constituents
  • Set true fixed provincial and Senate election dates and allow for voter-initiated referenda to empower Albertans on important issues
  • Roll back the 30% increase in salary for cabinet ministers that Premier Redford supported, prohibit MLAs from setting their own salaries in the future, and require the public disclosure of minister and MLA expenses
  • Open up government by changing FOIP laws to make it easier for citizens to access government documents and information
  • Create protection for whistleblowers in government who alert MLAs and media to waste and mismanagement

"The Alberta Accountability Act will empower MLAs to be true representatives for their constituents and restore transparency to how Alberta is governed," Smith said. "Albertans expect their government to respect their hard-earned tax-dollars, be open and accountable for how they make decisions, and to make the Legislature a place where Albertans' voices are heard. The Alberta Accountability Act will do exactly that."


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