December 18, 2014

Wildrose Party Outlines Go-Forward Strategy

At a meeting of the Executive Committee (“EC”) of the Wildrose Party held yesterday, the EC and Caucus members unanimously reaffirmed their commitment to the future of the party and providing Albertans with a positive vision for the province and an effective opposition.

Resignation of Leader

Wildrose EC will consult with Caucus to determine who will be best suited to fill the position of Interim Leader. Details of the process to select a new Leader will be released early in 2015.

Merger with the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (“PCAA”)

At no time has the Wildrose Party been approached by any representative of the PCAA regarding a merger, combination, partnership or alliance. Yesterday’s events are confined to nine former Wildrose MLAs who opted to cross the floor without consulting the Wildrose Party.  

Request for “Reunification Resolution” From Former Leader

The Wildrose EC and Caucus have unanimously rejected the reunification proposal.

Future of Wildrose

The future of any political party is decided by its members and the voters. The Wildrose EC has reaffirmed its commitment to maintain Wildrose as a strong, independent political party to ensure Albertans have a credible, principled and conservative option on the ballot during the next provincial election. Contribute today to let us know that you too are committed to the Wildrose future for Alberta.

Importance of Members

The choices made by the former Wildrose Caucus members to abandon their principles, and cross the floor to the PCs were not endorsed by the EC, our members, or the voters who elected them. We are committed to our future, and we know you are as well.

It is imperative that we demonstrate to Albertans the resolute strength of our membership, and we need you to make a contribution today to keep Wildrose moving forward.

Wildrose Executive Committee

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