February 12, 2016

Wildrose only party to vote in favour of motion to strengthen property rights

A vote at the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship yesterday reiterated what Wildrose MLAs already know, that Wildrose is the only party that will truly stand up for property rights, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Wildrose introduced a motion at committee yesterday to conduct a review of landowner surface rights in Alberta to ensure that landowners' rights to fair compensation and due process are respected. In a surprise move, both the NDP and PC members of the committee voted against this motion.


“As a member of a party that has long supported the advocacy of landowners' rights in our province, I was disappointed to see the result of yesterday’s vote on the Wildrose property rights motion,” Wildrose Property Rights Critic Nathan Cooper said. “The intent of the motion was straightforward, and would have only served to ensure that landowners’ rights in our province are respected. While the NDP government has in the past said they are supportive of property rights, they have shown their true colours by voting against this motion.”


Wildrose has long advocated for amending land use bills to ensure that landowner rights are fully protected.


“Yesterday’s vote by members of the NDP and PC caucuses were a step in the wrong direction,” Cooper said. “Wildrose will continue to urge the NDP government to review present property rights legislation and correct the egregious errors that have been made in the past.”


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