October 11, 2012

Wildrose Official Opposition sets new standard for expense disclosure and transparency

EDMONTON, AB (October 11, 2012): Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith has posted all of her  categorized expenses with receipts online dating back to May, including constituency expenses, and the rest of the Wildrose caucus will follow suit starting with October’s expenses.

 In addition to MLA expenses, the Wildrose Official Opposition will also post all monthly expenses incurred by the caucus office – including hosting, administration, office equipment and travel. Expenses will be posted in a readable format that will include expense totals broken down by category (hotels, flights, fuel, etc.) and accompanied by individual receipts.  Smith said the new Wildrose expense policy exceeds the PC government’s policy in three distinct ways: 

  1. MLAs will post constituency office expenses in addition to individual expenses;
  2. MLA expenses will be added up and broken down by category and accompanied by receipts, instead of just thrown together in an unreadable format
  3. Wildrose Official Opposition caucus expenses will be disclosed 

“This government shouldn’t be lecturing anybody about how tough their expense policy is, especially when they only came out with it after a series of expense scandals that only further exposed their culture of entitlement,” Smith said. “Wildrose is setting the true example here. We are posting categorized expense totals, constituency office expenses, and caucus office expenses because we believe in putting Albertans first, and that means true accountability to Alberta taxpayers. I challenge the PC caucus to follow our lead.”  Expenses are up at www.wildrose.ca/expenses.  To date, Smith and the caucus office have posted expenses dating back to May. Wildrose MLAs will start posting expenses in November, for October’s expenses. 


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