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Wildrose MLAs condemn CRP Chair for false accusations

AIRDRIE, AB (September 19, 2013): Today, four Calgary-area Wildrose MLAs – Rob Anderson of Airdrie, Bruce Rowe of Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills, Pat Stier of Livingstone-MacLeod and Jason Hale of Strathmore-Brooks – called on the outgoing Chair of the Calgary Regional Partnership and failed PC nomination candidate, Truper McBride, to apologize for leveling false and inflammatory accusations about their position on the CRP. 

 In an interview with a local newspaper, McBride and another CRP representative made several erroneous claims including that Wildrose MLAs said they would run candidates for municipal office for the purposes of pushing local municipalities out of the CRP.  “Mr. McBride should publicly admit he made a false statement,” Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier said. “We were in the room when this discussion took place and no such comments were made. For him to make such ridiculous accusations almost a year after the meeting took place calls into question his integrity as well as the credibility of the organization he represents.”  “The Wildrose MLAs in the room all expressed support for the concept of regional cooperation,” Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills MLA Bruce Rowe said. “However, we also expressed our strong reservations about the Calgary Metropolitan Plan’s high density housing requirements for smaller communities, and that we felt they were a harmful intrusion on local autonomy. Mr. McBride and his colleagues are out of line to suggest otherwise.”  The issue of pushing the CMP’s housing density requirements as an issue during upcoming municipal elections was another topic discussed during the meeting, but the CRP representatives again misrepresented what was said.  “I said that I would be personally supporting candidates in the next municipal election who would withdraw Airdrie from the mandatory high-density development requirements of the Calgary Metropolitan Plan,” Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson said. “Many of my constituents are worried about how crowded new developments are becoming as well as the lack of green space and yards for families. It is very disappointing that Mr. McBride and his colleague would distort that into a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.”  “The CRP has a lot of work ahead of it to regain Albertan’s trust and respect,” Strathmore-Brooks MLA Jason Hale said. “For a CRP representative to come out and smear local provincial representatives like this is hard to stomach. I hope this has more to do with Mr. McBride being an outgoing chair and retiring politician, rather than indicative of the CRP stance as a whole.”