October 24, 2012

Wildrose leading the way on education: McAllister

EDMONTON, AB (October 24, 2012): The changes introduced yesterday in the new and improved Education Act demonstrate that Wildrose has led the way on establishing the paramount rights of parents, Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister said today.

 After spending the pre-election spring session resisting Wildrose’s attempts to establish the superiority of parental rights in the Act and ignoring parents across the province who fought its provisions, the government finally relented yesterday. The Act now before the Assembly clearly establishes that parents have the ultimate say in how their children are educated and takes away the fear that parents would have to face persecution from human rights lawyers with their own agendas. “This is a victory for parents and really a victory for democracy in Alberta,” McAllister said. “If not for the courage and determination of Alberta parents, and for the hard work of my colleagues in the Wildrose Official Opposition, we would have ended up with education laws that don’t acknowledge the paramount role parents play in educating children and expose educators to the whims of the human rights tribunals.” McAllister congratulates Education Minister Jeff Johnson for finally listening to Alberta parents and the opposition and making the necessary changes to the Act. However, he also said Wildrose will meet with constituents and stakeholders to address some lingering concerns contained in the new Act. “It’s refreshing to see an Education Minister who is willing to listen,” McAllister said. “We still have some concerns and we may have some amendments coming, but I hope MLAs will pass this legislation soon and continue working together to improve education for children and parents across Alberta.”


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