March 04, 2013

Wildrose launches new tool for engaging Albertans

EDMONTON, AB (March 4, 2013): The Wildrose Official Opposition is today launching Alberta’s Voice (, a new initiative from the Wildrose Official Opposition Caucus to listen directly to the views of everyday Albertans from across the province. 

Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith and House Leader Rob Anderson launched the website at a media event today. “When the Alberta government makes decisions about you and your family, too often they don’t bother to ask you for direction,” said Smith.  “Instead of listening just to special interests and friends of the government, the Wildrose Official Opposition believes that the most important people who should be consulted on major decisions are everyday Albertans.” Alberta’s Voice will feature various surveys on major issues, providing Albertans with an opportunity to send their opinions directly to the Wildrose Official Opposition.  The first major survey on the new site asks questions about Alberta’s fiscal situation and the forthcoming Alberta budget. “We’ve been absolutely clear about where we stand on fiscal issues,” said Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson.  “Unlike the PCs, we oppose tax increases on Alberta’s families and businesses, we want to limit spending growth to inflation plus population, and we will keep Alberta from going back into debt. “We’re confident that when given the choice between the PC government’s record of out-of-control spending increases and driving Alberta back into debt, and the Wildrose commitment to responsible spending and keeping taxes low, Albertans will be firmly on our side.” Albertans are encouraged to visit and to complete the first survey.  Future surveys are planned on other important issues and will be regularly posted to the site. Wildrose MLAs will use the site on an ongoing basis to gather input from Albertans on a variety of issues. As part of the campaign to promote the initiative, the Wildrose Official Opposition has purchased radio air time and Facebook and other online ads to drive Albertans to the website to make sure their voice is heard. “On every issue, and at every opportunity, Wildrose will always put Albertans first,” said Smith.  “It’s your province, let’s hear your voice.”


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