May 29, 2014

Wildrose launches 'Moving Alberta Forward: Solutions for the Alberta of Tomorrow'

EDMONTON, AB (May 29, 2014): While Progressive Conservative leadership candidates attempt to convince Albertans to forget the last several years of entitlement, mismanagement and corruption, the Wildrose Official Opposition announced today it will be releasing a series of new policy initiatives it plans to implement if elected in 2016.

Moving Alberta Forward: Solutions for the Alberta of Tomorrow will include several new and innovative policy announcements covering health care, education, municipalities, finance, support for the vulnerable and several other areas that will help position Alberta for long-term prosperity and security. These new policies will be added to an updated and newly released Wildrose policy book which will form the foundation of the 2016 election campaign.    

"Albertans are preparing to change governing parties for the first time in almost 45 years. They want to know that Wildrose has a positive vision for Alberta and that we are ready to implement it," Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said. "While the PCs desperately try and put another new face on their crumbling dynasty, we will be travelling the province and rolling out policies that reflect the very best of what Albertans believe their province can be."

Wildrose has always followed a grassroots policy process in which ministry critics have developed policies based on close consultation with everyday Albertans and affected stakeholders. The first policy announcement will be next week followed by regular announcements concluding in the fall.

"It’s an exciting time in Alberta. The days of PC cronyism, waste and entitlement are finally coming to a close and Albertans are embracing the positive and meaningful change Wildrose offers," Smith said. "I can’t wait to start sharing these ideas with Albertans across the province. Change is coming.”


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