December 14, 2012

Wildrose invites Albertans to take part in #auditAHS

EDMONTON, AB (December 14, 2012): With the PC government ongoing refusal to release all the expenses records of its health care executives, the Wildrose Official Opposition will be posting the expense reports it uncovers through freedom of information requests (FOIP) and is inviting Albertans to take part in scrutinizing them. 

The Wildrose has FOIPed dozens of health executives and starting today they will begin appearing on a central location online for Albertans to follow. Expenses will be uploaded to in searchable .pdf format.  Updates can be found on twitter at @TeamWildrose and on the hashtag #auditAHS. Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said she hopes Albertans will get involved in examining the expenses posted and demanding further accountability on how Alberta health care executives have spent taxpayer dollars by posting their findings on #auditAHS. “If the government isn’t going to release this information voluntarily or make it readily available when it is forced to do so, we will do it for them,” Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said. “Unlike the PC government, Wildrose believes Albertans deserve to know how their tax dollars have been spent and are committed to releasing this information to the public.” Today, Wildrose posted the most recent expenses of Dr. Chris  Eagle, President and CEO of AHS and the full expenses of former AHS Board Chair, Ken Hughes. Wildrose has repeatedly asked for the PC government to release all expenses for all health executives from Alberta Health Services as well as the nine former health regions ever since it was revealed that certain executives used taxpayer dollars to pay for butler services and car phones or to give thousands in illegal donations to the PC party. “Albertans deserve to know just how deep the abuse of tax dollars goes,” Smith said. “We believe in putting Albertans first and this means true accountability for Alberta taxpayers.”


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