May 03, 2015

Wildrose election fundraising crosses the million dollar mark

CALGARY, AB (May 3, 2015):  With three days to go before the election, today Wildrose is pleased to announce that it has already raised well over $1 million dollars in contributions since the drop of the election writ.

Brian Jean has been Wildrose Leader for just 35 days, but in that time he has turned around fundraising at Wildrose after a leadership race, and made Wildrose a contender in this election.  

Polls now show Wildrose is the obvious alternative heading into election day, with the PCs dropping in support across the province. Wildrose is strong in many regions of the province and the only party that can prevent an NDP breakthrough in Calgary.  Only Wildrose can prevent a majority NDP government. 

“Wildrose is a grassroots party that relies on the energy and enthusiasm of thousands of committed Albertans,” Jean said. “These Albertans have always believed in Wildrose principles and they have made a revitalized Wildrose Party the choice for Albertans who want change they can trust.”


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