August 13, 2015

Wildrose clear choice to defend jobs in Calgary-Foothills byelection

CALGARY, AB (August 13, 2015): Voters in Calgary-Foothills face an important choice between leadership that will stand up for their jobs, or more ideologically driven experiments from the NDP and career politicians, the Wildrose said today.  

The comments were made by Wildrose Leader Brian Jean as he introduced Wildrose Calgary-Foothills candidate Prasad Panda.

“Voters in Calgary-Foothills are understandably tired and fed up after three elections in just ten months,” Jean said. “This byelection will serve as a chance for Prasad and Wildrose to demonstrate that we are the only party with the interests of everyday Albertans at heart, and the only party that also respects the pocketbooks of the hardworking residents of this constituency.”

Prasad Panda was declared the candidate for Calgary-Foothills following a well-attended and contested nomination. Panda brings a keen sense of business acumen, and a deep understanding of the issues facing the riding as a Senior Executive for Suncor, and a resident of the area for almost thirty years.

“I am putting all of my effort into making Calgary-Foothills a Wildrose seat following the byelection on Sept. 3,” Prasad said. “Simply put, our constituency cannot afford more risky ideological economic experiments from the NDP, and they deserve leadership that won’t give up on them like the PCs.”

Wildrose is the only party in this byelection that will defend Alberta jobs and fight every day to protect the economy, and has a strong record of not only keeping the government accountable, but getting results for Alberta families.


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