September 09, 2014

Wildrose calls on Prentice to treat Albertans with integrity and respect - call by-election in vacant riding

AIRDRIE, AB (September 9, 2014): Premier-designate Jim Prentice must do the right thing and keep his promise to do things differently and to operate with the utmost of integrity and respect for the taxpayer by immediately calling a by-election in the vacant seat of Calgary-Elbow and run there, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.


“If Mr. Prentice does not immediately call a by-election in Calgary-Elbow and run there, he is continuing the PC record of manipulating the political process to ensure an entitled party that is long past its due date maintains its tenuous hold on the reins of power. Sadly, all indications so far suggest he is determined to avoid running in a constituency where he’s not guaranteed a win,” Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson said. “Not only is this blatantly undemocratic, it is a gross abuse of taxpayer dollars. Forcing a by-election in a constituency that already has a sitting MLA would cost taxpayers an additional $200,000.”


“That’s $200,000 that could be better spent on the things that actually make a difference in the lives of Albertans – more front-line healthcare workers, programs and services for people with disabilities or more classrooms in high-growth areas.”


If Prentice does not immediately call a by-election in Calgary-Elbow, it is incumbent upon him that he identify immediately which seat he intends to seek so that the other political parties and candidates can take the necessary steps to prepare.


“If Mr. Prentice refuses to tell Albertans where it is he will seek a seat, it is yet another example of him perpetuating the PC tradition of pulling every political trick in the book to stay in power. If he’s serious about changing the culture of entitlement plaguing every level of the PC government, this is his chance,” Anderson said. “If Mr. Prentice does not do these things, he’s just more of the same – the same old entitled, corrupt PC machine that is bent on manipulating politics in Alberta in a desperate bid to cling to power.”


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