April 01, 2015

Wildrose calls for creation of Alberta Columbia

EDMONTON, AB (April 1, 2015): Today, the Wildrose Official Opposition called for the Alberta annexation of British Columbia in an effort to diversify the economy and solve Alberta’s looming fiscal crisis.

“With the conservative culture of balanced budgets in BC, this annexation makes sense. Albertans are looking for new leadership that provides real solutions to the current economic and fiscal crisis,” Jean said. “Through diversification, and overtaking a province of 4.6 million people, Alberta Columbia will be able to become a beacon of prosperity for the entire country.”


The initiative would be pivotal in opening up new markets for Alberta’s land-locked economy, and lead to the biggest growth of pipeline expansion in Canadian history.


“Our energy companies love it, Albertans love it, and it means immediate access to the world’s markets,” Jean said. “This will restore the Alberta Columbia Advantage, and lead to an even brighter future.”


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