April 08, 2013

Wildrose calls for clarity on PC proposed carbon tax increase

EDMONTON, AB (April 8, 2013): Today in Question Period, the Wildrose Official Opposition demanded the PC government keep its election promise and protect hardworking Alberta families by not raising Alberta’s carbon tax.

After promising in last year’s election to not raise taxes, recent reports indicate the PC government will be raising Alberta’s carbon levy from $15 per tonne to a job-killing $40 per tonne.

“Business craves stability, certainty, consistency, but with this government, they get the opposite,” Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said. “More than 11,000 jobs were lost in Alberta in March alone, and now this government wants to cast further uncertainty over an energy industry that just wants a stable business environment and an effective climate change strategy.”

The Wildrose Official Opposition also pressed the government on its failure to implement an effective climate change mitigation strategy and its decision to hoard money in the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund.  Wildrose Environment Critic Joe Anglin asked the government why the Fund has amassed $250 million, taking in $50 million more per year than it spends on greenhouse gas mitigation experiments.

“This government has failed to provide any clarity on what their intentions are with the proposed carbon tax hike and this is causing troubling economic uncertainty,” Anglin said. “Instead of working to combat climate change, this government appears determined either to hoard money in the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund, or route the increased carbon tax dollars into general revenues where it will have no effect at mitigating growth in greenhouse gas emissions.”


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