December 09, 2014

Wildrose calls for Bill 9 to be deferred to improve protections for condo owners

EDMONTON, AB (December 9, 2014): Today, Wildrose Service Alberta Critic Bruce Rowe joined the Canadian Condominium Institute North Alberta Chapter in calling for Bill 9, the Condominium Property Act, to be deferred to the Spring with significant amendments designed to improve the legislation.

While several elements of Bill 9 are a positive first step, Rowe said the government has failed to achieve adequate protections for condominium owners and improved accountability standards across the industry.

“Bill 9, as it stands today, fails to guarantee the rock-solid protections many condo owners across the province were hoping to see written into law,” Rowe said.  “Albertans deserve to feel secure in the investments in their homes, while being governed by sound regulations to ensure the accountability and profitability of industry.”

Wildrose will be putting forward amendments that focus on:

  • Insulating owners from paying additional costs incurred by problem owners and giving condo corporations adequate tools to recover costs;
  • Limiting the breadth of condo rules so as not to be as all-encompassing as by-laws, or applied without condo owners consent;
  • Giving added protection to condo owners after extended construction delays; and
  • Ensuring repair and replacement of property maintains fair market value for current owners

“These amendments are reasonable, and will go a long away in protecting the interests of condo owners, while maintaining profitability for industry,” Rowe said.

While many changes to the Condominium Property Act are long overdue, Rowe said it is irresponsible for the government to rush such an important bill through the House without getting proper feedback from condo owners and industry.

“Let’s put a halt to plowing the bill through the Legislature and make sure we take the time to get this law right,” Rowe said. “There are a lot of good pieces in this bill we can build on, but the only way we can pass good legislation is by putting it back into the hands of Albertans.”


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