April 03, 2013

Wildrose Announces Record-Breaking 2012 Fundraising Figures

April 3, 2013 (Edmonton, AB): Wildrose posted record-breaking 2012 fundraising figures for an opposition party in Alberta, dramatically exceeding the fundraising record for an opposition party set by Wildrose in 2011. For 2012, which included the 2012 provincial election campaign, Wildrose raised more than $5.2 million in contributions from 8,520 donors, and had total revenues exceeding $5.9 million. 

Wildrose previously announced its campaign period fundraising in the fall of 2012. In looking at the non-campaign period for 2012, the vast majority of Wildrose’s contributions came from individual donors, representing 82 per cent of all contributions, with the remaining 18 per cent coming from corporate contributions.  The average individual donation to Wildrose was $222.00. “I’m absolutely thrilled to see the broad support Wildrose received from thousands of everyday Albertans in 2012,” said Wildrose leader Danielle Smith.  “These numbers clearly show that the Wildrose message of balanced budgets and living within our means is resonating with Albertans.” Wildrose President David Yager noted that unlike the governing Redford PCs, who depend heavily on corporate donations, Wildrose’s financial support included thousands of individual donors making small, repeated contributions to the party.  “This large base of Albertans who supported Wildrose financially in 2012, and at the ballot box in last election demonstrates the degree to which our messaging and platforms continue to resonate with the people of our province.  It is clear they support our party’s commitment to building a stronger Alberta.” Wildrose’s strong fundraising performance allows it to remain competitive against the entrenched PC government in the period between elections, and build a solid campaign fund for the 2016 election.



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