May 02, 2015

Wildrose Announces Accountability Act As Bill 1 and Blue Ribbon Audit Panel

CALGARY, AB (May 2, 2015): To restore the faith of Albertans after 44 years of one-party government, the first piece of legislation a Wildrose government would pass would be a comprehensive Accountability Act to be complemented by a Blue Ribbon Audit Panel to clean up government.

“Everywhere I go in the province, people tell me they want change they can trust.” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Now is the time to start looking to the future and lay the foundation for a strong, honest, effective government.”

The Accountability Act will improve transparency, end lavish entitlements, and restore the faith of Albertans in our democratic institutions and representatives.

Highlights of the Accountability Act include:

  • Get big money out of politics by banning corporate and union donations while significantly reducing the personal contribution limit
  • Pass legislation banning MLAs elected under one party from crossing to another Caucus without a byelection
  • Legislate true fixed dates for provincial elections by only allowing earlier date in the case of the government losing a non-confidence vote
  • Implement MLA recall legislation 
  • End sole-sourced contracting (outside of true emergencies) and improve Conflict of Interest legislation to ensure all contracts are awarded fairly
  • Pass legislation to limit severance packages for all political staff and senior government and agency officials and make all severance agreements transparent
  • Implement full disclosure of all financial expenditures of public funds by all ministries and arms-length boards and agencies
  • Prohibit government spending announcements during elections

The Audit Panel will be independently chaired, and will include accountants and industry experts as well as MLAs from all political parties in the Legislature. It will look at the Carbon Capture and Storage trunk line, the North West Upgrader, the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission, and the massive power lines being built under the PCs Bill 50, reporting its results by the end of the year.

“Albertans have to be able to trust their leaders, and they are understandably cynical after the government they’ve had for the past decade. Wildrose will fight every day for honest government and present a new kind of leadership that works to earn Albertans’ trust.” Jean pledged.


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