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We will not be able to hold an AGM this calendar year. What do we do?


Section 9.5 of the CA Bylaws directly addresses this situation:

Clause 9.5 - An AGM shall be held at least once per calendar year at a time and place in the Constituency to be fixed by the CA Board.
Clause 9.5.1 - If special circumstances exist that will prevent a CA from holding an AGM in any calendar year or from holding it in the Constituency, the CA Board may apply to the Provincial Directors Committee to vary this requirement. Any such application shall be delivered in writing to the Party Vice-President Membership at least twenty (20) days prior to any default occurring.
Clause 9.5.2 - Any variance approved by the Provincial Directors Committee shall be in writing and state the date by which the CA must hold an AGM and/or the location outside the Constituency that has been approved as the location for the AGM.