May 23, 2013

Vulnerable Michener residents need communication, guaranteed care: Towle

INNISFAIL, AB (May 23, 2013): The PC government continues to keep Michener residents in the dark by refusing to detail how it will transition 50 extremely vulnerable clients from the Red Deer care centre into new facilities after Michener closes its doors, Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said today. 

At a Persons with Developmental Disabilities talk last week in Innisfail, Associate Minister of PDD Frank Oberle said there were approximately 50 “profoundly disabled” seniors living in Michener. Towle is calling on the PC government to detail how it will guarantee care for these 50 vulnerable Albertans before proposed cuts take effect and Michener closes its doors for good. So far, there has been little communication, Towle said. “There is an unacceptable lack of correspondence right now between the PC government and Michener clients and service providers,” said Towle. “If the PC government is going to shut down an existing facility like Michener and cause chaos and confusion for its residents, the Minister needs to provide some real answers and a real plan. He hasn’t done that.” In the Legislature, Oberle said he would detail transition plans at the end of May. Oberle still hasn’t presented any details about his plan, leaving these 50 residents at Michener afraid and uncertain about their future care, Towle said. “Time is running out and these residents and their families have no more information,” said Towle. “Where will they go? What will they do? If the minister is intent on bulldozing ahead with his ill-advised vision for PDD care, he needs to detail his plans, now.”


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