April 30, 2014

Tim Dyck

Who is Tim Dyck?

Like many of you, Tim Dyck joined the Wildrose Party in 2009; part of the long road to building the Wildrose Party into a force that can win government.

As a grassroots party, Tim believes that Wildrose’s policy should:

   1. Be driven by the grassroots of the party and reflect “the common sense of the common people”

   2. Think long term, and not dodge the tough challenges our province faces due to the disastrous management of the NDP

   3. Rely on the free enterprise, no-debt, low tax policies that helped Alberta become so successful in the first place

   4. Put Alberta families and taxpayers first instead of politicians and bureaucrats

   5. Be transparent, open and accessible

A Voice (and two ears) for All Alberta

Tim and his wife live in Fort McMurray, where he works in transportation management. Having previously commuted from Calgary, he has traveled all over Alberta, and understands how provincial policy affects all types of communities. He is uniquely positioned to listen to our membership from across the province to help our members build a strong, winning policy document that will guide Alberta back on track.

Tim's Wildrose Track Record

Tim is a long-time supporter and team builder for Wildrose, helping organize across the province since 2009. He won the highly contested nomination to be the Wildrose candidate in Calgary-Bow in the 2012 election. Since then, Tim has stayed active in the party, and has a laser focus on one goal: winning the next election, to get Alberta back on the right track.


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