December 05, 2012

VanderBurg dragging his feet on seniors bathing debacle

EDMONTON, AB (December 5, 2012): Associate Minister of Seniors George VanderBurg continues to put off taking action to fix the deplorable one-bath-per-week policy in place at some provincial long-term care centres, Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said.  VanderBurg has spent the last two weeks dithering on the issue after it was first raised in the Legislature by Towle on Nov. 27 during Question Period.

 After initially denying the problem existed, VanderBurg vowed to meet with Health Minister Fred Horne to address the issue.  However, in answering a follow up question from Towle yesterday, VanderBurg said he still hadn’t met with Horne and indicated he had no concrete plans to do so.  “The lack of action from this Associate Minister is simply astounding. It’s been over a week since we raised this issue and we’ve gotten nothing from him except platitudes and empty promises,” said Towle. “Quite frankly, this Minister is failing to do his job.”  Towle said the policy is degrading to seniors and can be blamed on the government’s constant inability to direct funding to the front lines where it is most needed.  “This is no way for anybody to live, but it’s especially troubling that it’s happening to some of our most vulnerable citizens,” Towle said. “It shouldn’t take several days and repeated questions from the opposition for this Minister to do his job and do the right thing.”  Wildrose continues to stand up for seniors who are impacted by ongoing PC mismanagement of the health care system, leading the charge on reinstating nutritious meals in long-term care centres and opposing the abrupt closure of the Little Bow Continuing Care Centre. 


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