April 19, 2013

US, China agreement shows need for real action on GHG emissions: Anglin

EDMONTON, AB (April 19, 2013): Today, Wildrose Environment Critic Joe Anglin released the following statement on the recent joint announcement by the US and China on greenhouse emissions. “Our largest customer in the United States and a rising economy in China, that has increasing demand for our products, are now telling their international partners that they are expecting action to make real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants. “Here in Alberta, we need verifiable, measurable reductions.

 Unfortunately, this PC government has wasted billions of corporate welfare on unproven carbon capture technology and has decided to create uncertainty in our industry by floating a 40/40 carbon tax to hoard money in a Climate Change Fund that does little in taking responsible and measured steps to mitigate the growth in our greenhouse gas emissions. “The Wildrose already has put forth two bold policy proposals to reduce emissions in our natural gas and hydro strategies and will continue to work towards developing on new policy that shows a tangible commitment to our international partners that Alberta will tackle our greenhouse gas emissions going forward.”



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