Danielle In QP, December 6: Details of Meetings with Katz Group Inc.

Ms Smith: We’ll try to get an answer to another question, Mr. Speaker. Yesterday I asked the Minister of Finance to make good on his October 30 commitment to give details about his meetings with the Katz Group when the government said no to arena funding and casino licences. Now, the minister brushed off the questions, saying that he’d already answered them. But he didn’t.

On October 31, responding to a different question about lobbyists for the Katz Group, the minister provided the name of Peter Elzinga, who was indeed registered as the lobbyist for this group in 2010. We are trying to figure out who the government met with from the Katz Group in 2011 and 2012. When will he keep his promise and provide the details that I originally asked for?

Mr. Horner: Well, Mr. Speaker, as I think is fairly common knowledge in this House, during 2011 I was otherwise occupied and was meeting with a lot of people during that period of time. In the 2010 time period was the original meeting which I spoke about. As I recall, in response to my answer yesterday the hon. member said that she’ll put it in writing, so I’m waiting for her to put it in writing.

Ms Smith: Mr. Speaker, you’ve told us often that when a minister answers, he’s answering on the part of government, so that’s what I’m asking. Given the minister told the Assembly back in October that it’s not a secret, why won’t he keep his promise and provide the details of all of the meetings the government had with the Katz Group in 2011 and 2012?

Mr. Horner: Well, Mr. Speaker, I wouldn’t know whether the Katz Group has met with other members of the cabinet in either 2011, in a previous government, or in 2010. I did make the comment that I would provide the date of the meeting that I had with them either in 2012 or 2010, and I will do that.

Ms Smith: Well, Mr. Speaker, I asked for it on October 30, and we still haven’t received it. It now looks like the minister is just giving us another brush-off. Is this just another example of the government’s policy of reneging on its commitments and breaking promises?

Mr. Horner: Absolutely not, Mr. Speaker. I’ve made the commitment that I’ll find the date. I don’t actually have the calendar in my memory right now as to the exact date when we met with representatives of the group. I will say this. The answer was no in 2010. The answer, as I understand it, was no in 2011. The answer was no 2012. The answer will be no in 2013. I think the hon. member is chasing a dead horse here.*