January 22, 2014

Towle statement on stolen health information

EDMONTON, AB (January 22, 2014): Today, acting Wildrose Health Critic Kerry Towle issued the following statement regarding the theft of 620,000 Albertans’ personal health care information, including names, addresses, health numbers and diagnostic codes: “Today’s news that one in six Albertans had their personal information stolen in September raises all kind of questions about how the government ensures the protection of our personal privacy.

 “Albertans have a right to expect that their sensitive personal and health care information is kept confidential and that all possible safeguards are in place to protect it. They also have a right to expect immediate notification if their personal information has been compromised in any way. The fact that it has taken five months for this to reach the Minister’s desk is quite disturbing. “The questions this raises about the state of privacy protection in Alberta are almost too many to count. Right now, the government must focus on figuring out how this happened, why there was such a significant delay in reporting it to those affected, and what implications there are for the Albertans who have had their information stolen.”


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