June 04, 2014

Towle statement on government withholding foster care information

EDMONTON, AB (June 4, 2014): Today, Wildrose Human Services Critic Kerry Towle issued the following statement on a report the PC government withheld information from a foster family:

“Another day, another tragic story of this PC government hiding information about the welfare of children in government care. The story of a woman filing a lawsuit against the government because Child and Family Services failed to disclose information to her foster family that would have allowed her to receive the specialized care she needed is extremely disturbing and upsetting. Had Child and Family Services been upfront with the adoptive family about her background, she may have had a more positive outcome and the opportunity to receive the mental health treatment doctors said she required.

“While the details of this individual case will come to light as the lawsuit progresses through the courts, I am calling on the government and Minister Bhullar to reveal how many other foster families have been kept in the dark about the history of their adopted children. This information needs to be revealed so that other vulnerable children can get the treatment they desperately need.

“After hiding for years the number of children who’ve died in care, it’s up to Minister Bhullar to be fully transparent on the number of foster kids robbed of their chance at treatment as a result of another government cover up. This is the duty and responsibility of government when given the tremendous trust for children in care and their adoptive families. These children deserve to have every opportunity for a full, positive and fruitful life. The families who adopt them need to know what they’re facing so they can ensure their children get the supports they need.”


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