June 15, 2014

Towle statement on Father's Day

INNISFAIL, AB (June 15, 2014): Today, Wildrose Human Services Critic Kerry Towle issued the following statement on Father’s Day.

“Today, we honour the great fathers who’ve helped raise us to be honest, kind and caring members of society, as well as the young fathers, who are early on in their journey through fatherhood.

“Fathers are enormously powerful figures in the lives of their children. They are teachers, mentors and role models. As kids, we see them as heroes and look to them for guidance. As adults, we seek to learn from the examples they’ve set, and realize that their true heroism came from their dedication to family. Although families take many forms, I’m heartened to see a whole new generation of men working to raise their children to be compassionate, empathic and respectful.

“I urge all Albertans to take a moment today to thank their fathers, and any other positive male role model in their lives, for all their hard work and selflessness. Often, they won’t ask for any thanks, and this is exactly why they deserve it.

“Sadly, today, not all Albertans will be able to spend time with the fathers they dearly love. Arbitrary bans at continuing care centres across Alberta continue to separate children from their parents in care. On this day, I encourage Health Minister Fred Horne to exercise empathy, take action and create measures ordinary citizens can take to resolve arbitrary care home bans.

“Every Albertan deserves to spend time today with their hero.”


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