July 16, 2014

Towle statement on changes to publication bans for children in care

EDMONTON, AB (July 16, 2014): Today, Wildrose Human Services Critic Kerry Towle released the following statement following changes to publication bans for children who died under provincial care:

“There were some real concerns raised about this regulation at committee that were not addressed; especially the provision that says media does not need to be notified if a publication ban has been granted.

“It’s also troubling that it is not required to publish who requested a publication ban in a particular case, whether it is the family, the Minister or the government. Given this government’s efforts in the past to keep information about the deaths of children in care under wraps, it’s concerning that the regulation could allow this practice to continue.

“I am thankful that committee members approved a motion to consult with stakeholders about this regulation and the apparent shortfalls within it. It’s disappointing that it took opposition members and an opposition motion to have these consultations done. The government, once again, has to be dragged into doing the right thing; consulting with Albertans.”


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