April 16, 2013

Towle calls for fairness in health care system

EDMONTON, AB (April 16, 2013): Wildrose Official Opposition MLA Kerry Towle continued to pressure the government to ensure fairness in the health care system today in Question Period. Both today and Monday, Towle relayed examples of Albertans who have been denied reimbursement for critical health care services in contrast to AHS executives who have been reimbursed by taxpayers to jump the queue and receive private care. 

On Monday, Towle told the Assembly about five-year old Brooke Aubuchon from Innisfail, who is suffering from a rare disease of the nervous system. Aubuchon traveled to New York for a revolutionary clinical trial that could save her life in February, but the government has refused to cover her expenses. Today, Towle reminded the Assembly of Fort McMurray’s Shane Wambolt, who has a golf ball sized brain tumour that is causing him to go blind. The out-of-province committee refused to pay for his surgery, calling it “elective.” Towle relayed the examples after it was confirmed today that a former Capital Health executive billed taxpayers $7,000 for private treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. “Unfortunately, Brooke and Shane aren’t senior health executives, which apparently means they don’t get special coverage for the care they need,” Towle said, asking why the government has permitted a second tier of health care for executives that denies care to everyday Albertans. “What explanation can there possibly be for covering private treatments at the Mayo Clinic for health executives while stonewalling everyday Albertans like Brooke and Shane?” Towle asked.


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