October 01, 2014

Time to send the PCs a message: Wildrose kicks off by-election in Calgary-West

CALGARY, AB (October 1, 2014): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith officially kicked off the Calgary-West by-election today by introducing Wildrose candidate Sheila Taylor and calling on constituents to send the PCs a message.

Taylor recently completed a term as the Chair of the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and has served as a trustee since 2010.  Her record on the CBE reflects her commitment to transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility. In the community, Sheila has served multiple terms on the board of her local community association, most recently as president. 

“I am excited to welcome Sheila to the Wildrose team.  Her commitment to serving her fellow Calgarians reflects our party’s commitment to putting Albertans first. Sheila would be a tireless advocate for the constituents of Calgary-West,” Wildrose leader Danielle Smith said. “Not only would they get an excellent representative in the Legislature, sending her to Edmonton would send the PCs a strong message that it’s time for a change.” 

Taylor has a marketing and business background with extensive experience in the energy industry. A committed advocate for childhood wellness, she dedicates an evening each week to coaching youth community basketball.

“Sheila is the anti-thesis of what the Prentice PC government stands for. Her commitment to transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility contrasts starkly with the PC record of backroom deals, entitlement and passing on debt to the next generation,” Smith said. “The people of Calgary-West have a unique opportunity to send the PCs a message by voting for a party and a candidate that actually puts them first.”

Taylor said the constituents of Calgary-West are ready to send the PCs a message.

"What Alberta needs right now is leadership.  I believe Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party have the vision and the plan to provide that leadership," said Taylor. "Over the last several years Albertans, myself included, have grown increasingly disillusioned by a PC party that has lost its way.  I am excited about having an opportunity to be a force for positive change."


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