July 06, 2012

Time to put an end to mandatory school fees: McAllister

CALGARY, AB (July 6, 2012): Today Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister called on the PC government to stop punishing Alberta families and scrap mandatory school fees.  Many families are surprised at the beginning of each school year to pay the mandatory fees that average about $100 per student and recent reports show that now school boards are feeling pressure to hire collection agencies to target Alberta families for not paying up. 

“It’s a shame that some school boards feel pressured to hire collection agencies to chase down parents for fees just to participate in foundational classes like Math or Social Studies,” McAllister said. “Instead of sitting idly by, the government needs to stop their practice of nickel-and-diming Alberta families just to have our children participate in mandatory classes every year.”  McAllister went on to add that now is the time for the Education Minister Jeff Johnson to begin consulting with school boards across the province about the best way to remedy the cash shortfall of ending these fees.  “The PC government wastes billions of dollars on corporate welfare yet continues to hit pocket books of Albertans with these surprise fees and hidden taxes,” McAllister said.  “We need to ensure that there are no barriers to educating our children and one of the first steps to doing that is by prioritizing our resources on making life easier for families instead of on wasteful government pet projects.”


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