June 05, 2012

Time to make the Provincial 21 Day Menu history: Towle

EDMONTON, AB (June 4, 2012): Today Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle challenged Health Minister Fred Horne and Associate Minister of Seniors George Vanderburg to put an end to the practice of trucking in precooked meals for seniors at care facilities.   When the PC government centralized health services into the Alberta Health Superboard the decision was made to shut down full service kitchens in over 71 facilities across the province with the ‘Provincial 21 Day Menu’ of precooked meals, at times manufactured outside the province.

As a result the food has a low quality and can consist of low nutrition content for aging seniors.   Yesterday the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees and Alberta's front line workers, who are asked to serve this low quality food, raised the issue again in this shocking 14 minute video.  “Our seniors deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion but instead they are being asked to eat unhealthy and at times indigestible food for the rest of their lives,” Towle said.  “It’s ridiculous for this government to continue this practice of asking our seniors to live off leftovers in their golden years.”  As a part of Seniors’ Week, Towle went on to further challenge the ministers to partake in the Provincial 21 Day Menu for the next three weeks to appreciate how seniors are being asked to live in these care facilities.  “It’s time we take serious action on this issue and make sure we are putting our seniors first,”  Towle said. “If Minister Horne and Minister Vanderburg think it’s appropriate for this practice to continue, I invite them to join me to visit one of these facilities and eat off their same menu so this government can appreciate what they are asking of our seniors.” 



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