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Time to boot Allen as chair of committee: Anglin

 EDMONTON, AB (August 27, 2013): Premier Alison Redford, after calling the actions of former PC MLA Mike Allen “disgusting,” has failed to show leadership and remove Allen as chair and member of the Conflicts of Interest Act Review Committee. 

 Allen is on record saying that he had not only resigned from PC Caucus, but, “all legislative committees effective immediately.”  The Conflicts of Interest Act Review Committee is directly responsible for reviewing the legislation to monitor the ethical conduct of MLAs.  Allen was absent from today’s meeting and replaced by his Deputy Chair, PC MLA Jason Luan.  “As the Premier of this province, Albertans expect Redford to show leadership when MLAs show such a disturbing lack of judgment,” Anglin said. “Redford should do what Albertans expect, and ask the majority on the committee to appoint an interim chair, a precedent that has been set in the past.”  The Wildrose has previously called for Allen, who was arrested and formally charged for hiring two prostitutes in St. Paul, Minnesota, to resign so the people of Fort McMurray can have the opportunity elect a new representative after the embarrassment caused by Allen’s actions to the city and the province.   Anglin said that with Allen still the chair of the committee it impedes the work of all MLAs seeking to improve Alberta’s already weak conflicts of interest legislation.  “It is shameful that a committee that is debating what should be the proper and ethical conduct of elected officials continues to be chaired by an MLA who is plagued by scandal,” Anglin said.  “It’s time to get rid of the distractions and get on with the important work of this committee.”