November 17, 2014

Throne Speech long on recycled promises short on details

EDMONTON, AB (November 17, 2014): Today’s Speech from the Throne showed little departure in policy of the previous premier and consisted of recycled campaign promises that were short on details, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

With the price of oil heading towards $70, the government is continuing on its policy to borrow billions of dollars to pay for basic infrastructure and failing to lay out any plan on how to improve the performance of core government services in health care, education and infrastructure.

“Mr. Prentice made a lot of expensive campaign promises, but Albertans not only want promises, they want a plan on how to achieve them,” Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said. “Albertans looking for a new generation of leadership with positive and innovative ideas on how to move Alberta forward will be disappointed by today’s Throne Speech.”

During the byelection campaigns, the government made several high-spending promises, including building new schools on accelerated timelines and expanding the number of continuing care beds.

Smith said with resource revenues in steady decline, Mr. Prentice needs to do better to explain how these major promises can be kept while improving outcomes for government services.

“Sooner or later, Mr. Prentice will have to come to terms with reality and realize governing is more than recycling old campaign promises,” Smith said.  “Albertans deserve a government ready to meet the challenges our province is facing head on, and be honest enough with them about how they will achieve it.”


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