March 27, 2012

The PC legacy of waste and mismanagement

Careful spending, saving for the future, and living within our means – the Wildrose way forward EDMONTON, AB (MARCH 28, 2012): For years, the PCs and their reckless spending habits have put Alberta in a fiscal hole. Their actions and disregard for hard-working taxpayers have squandered opportunities in our province and mortgaged Alberta’s future. 

The Wildrose is the only party that understands how important it is to balance the books, control spending, and save for the future. “Yesterday I announced the first part of the Wildrose Pledge: the Balanced Budget and Savings Act. It’s a clear and responsible plan that will get Alberta back on the path of fiscal responsibility,” said Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith. “By contrast, the PC legacy of waste and mismanagement is everywhere. Huge salary hikes, new MLA offices, handing corporations billions of taxpayer dollars, and accepting paychecks for doing  no work are only some instances in the long list of PC waste that has come to define this government as out of touch and only out for themselves.” Albertans work hard, pay their taxes, and live within their means – and they expect their government to do the same.  Each and every day, Alberta families make prudent and responsible spending decisions and save money for future expenses.  Sometimes, this means making the tough choice to delay spending decisions and foregoing some luxuries until they can really afford them. It is in this spirit that the Wildrose developed the Balanced Budget and Savings Act. The Wildrose Balanced Budget and Savings Act limits year-over-year spending increases to population growth plus inflation, mandates a return to balanced budgets without the need for any cuts to teachers, nurses, or other front line services, and grows the Heritage Fund to $200 billion in 20 years. “It is time for the government of Alberta to lead by example and get its spending under control and its fiscal house in order. The Wildrose Balanced Budget and Savings Act is the way to do that,” Smith said. “Over the course of the campaign, Wildrose will continue to put forward ideas like these – ideas that put Albertans first.”


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