February 06, 2014

Stop ignoring students, restore stable post-secondary funding: Pedersen

EDMONTON, AB (February 6, 2014): Advanced Education Minister Dave Hancock and the Redford PCs should listen to students concerns outlined in the Ignite Student Consultation Report, Wildrose Advanced Education Critic Blake Pedersen said today. The report indicates that last year’s blindside cuts to post-secondary education – delivered after the PCs promised to increase funding – threw the system into chaos and resulted in a sharp decline in the quality of education.

 “The government must take the concerns of these students to heart and deliver stable and predictable funding in the upcoming provincial budget,” Pedersen said. “Wild and unpredictable swings in funding like students saw last year are not good for anyone.” Pedersen also said that it was good to see student showing leadership in this report and that their concerns should be taken seriously. “The government should listen to the concerns outlined by stakeholders in this report and not simply allow it to collect dust on some bureaucrat’s bookshelf,” Pedersen said. “We must always strive to improve the level of post-secondary education in our province, and one of the ways we can achieve better is by listening to students and committing to working together.”


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