May 16, 2012

Statement from Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith on Thomas Mulcair

EDMONTON, AB (May 16, 2012): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith today released the following statement on NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s ongoing comments about Alberta’s oil sands: “Thomas Mulcair appears to be carrying on the tradition of eastern politicians pitting Alberta’s oil sands against the rest of the country for political gain. 

Our province and our country have endured no small amount of hardship and division while working towards the understanding that what’s good for Alberta’s oil sands is good for Canada. We still have some work to do, but by repeatedly attacking Alberta’s oil sands, Mr. Mulcair is threatening to undo a lot of the goodwill that has been fostered across the country. Alberta’s oil sands are an economic and technological achievement – the safest, most secure and reliable source of energy anywhere in the world. As a national leader, Mr. Mulcair should be promoting these facts, not attacking them. “His comments should also serve as a stern reminder to Premier Alison Redford of the uninformed and dangerous attitudes that some in eastern Canada have about our province. She should consider their true implications as she insists on forging ahead with a so-called Canadian Energy Strategy.”


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