January 15, 2013

Statement from Shayne Saskiw on delay of spring session

EDMONTON, AB (January 15, 2013): Today, Wildrose Deputy House Leader Shayne Saskiw released the following statement on the PCs’ delay of the spring session of the Alberta Legislature: “It really is astonishing that this government can give itself an 8% pay hike one session and then fail to show up for work on time for the next session. 

Albertans expect their elected representatives to show up and do the job they elected them to do, not hide from scrutiny and continue to avoid the accountability of the Legislature. “The PCs are clearly in disarray over how they are going to fix the budget mess they have created with their habitual overspending on low-priority items like carbon capture and storage and new MLA offices. However, Albertans would be best served by having their elected representatives come to work on time and openly debate solutions in the Legislature instead of another month of closed-door PC damage control.”



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