May 12, 2014

Statement from Shayne Saskiw on $600,000 in Police Protection for Premier

EDMONTON, AB (May 12, 2014): Today, Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw released the following statement about the PC government’s decision to contract $1.2 million and pay more than $600,000 in additional police services to protect the Premier. 

“I was disappointed to learn the PC government paid more than $600,000 in police services to protect the former Premier, since the Executive Protection Unit of the Alberta Sheriffs is more than capable of handling this task itself.

“I meet many Alberta Sheriffs in my role as Justice Critic. They are trained, competent professionals who are more than qualified to protect the Premier of Alberta. An external review proves this. So why are taxpayers on the hook for all these duplicitous costs?

“Justice Minister Jonathan Denis owes us some real answers since his Ministry drafted the agreement, but the fact he chose to reveal this information last Friday, one day after his government cut session short, shows he will try and duck accountability at all costs.

“Did he not think the EPU was up to the task of protecting the Premier? If yes, why didn’t he speak up when he had the chance? If no, will any similar contracts be made available to the incoming Premier if he or she wants it? Albertans want to know.

“If Minister Denis truly had an issue with this decision, he should have taken his concerns directly to Treasury Board or Cabinet, but instead, like the rest of Cabinet, he appears to be more interested in protecting his job than doing what’s right for taxpayers.”


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