October 08, 2014

Statement from Rob Anderson on new school announcement

EDMONTON, AB (October 8, 2014): Today, Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson released the following statement on Premier Jim Prentice’s new school announcement:

“The schools Mr. Prentice and his unelected Education Minister have announced today are long overdue. However, given the PC track record on actually delivering promised new schools, we are less than optimistic they will actually get built in a timely fashion.

“Very clearly, the PCs are responding to Wildrose’s commitment just last week to spend $2 billion over 4 years to build new schools and address school maintenance needs across Alberta. Wildrose has once again demonstrated that it is in the driver’s seat when it comes to putting Albertans first and getting things done on their behalf.

“What is more concerning is the fact that Mr. Prentice and his unelected Education Minister – who both happen to be seeking a seat in a by-election – are making campaign announcements on the taxpayer dime. Today, they stood in a government building staffed by public servants to make what was obviously a partisan campaign promise. If they are going to be making partisan campaign promises, they should follow the law and the Wildrose lead and use their party resources to announce them.

“We will be asking the Ethics Commissioner to investigate this partisan use of taxpayer dollars. Premier Redford became notorious for using government resource during political campaigns. Premier Prentice is once again showing he is just more of the same.”


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