September 05, 2012

Statement from Rob Anderson on changes to expense policy

CALGARY, AB (September 5, 2012): Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson released the following statement regarding the Government of Alberta’s expense policy announced this afternoon: “These changes to government expense reporting policy are a step in the right direction, but long overdue.

 It’s a shame that this government had to get caught repeatedly abusing tax dollars and expense privileges before doing the right thing and making expense claims public and transparent. “Wildrose has been calling for the public disclosure of government expenses for years. This government still has a long way to go before Albertans will be convinced that they’re serious about cleaning up their act. “For starters, Premier Alison Redford can disclose her expenses for her recent trips abroad, including Asia, Washington and the London Olympics, during which she billed $84,000 to Alberta taxpayers. If she truly believes in transparency, she should have no issue posting these for all Albertans to see. Furthermore, she must soon address other ethical scandals including the hires of Allaudin Merali and Evan Berger and the gag law she imposed on Elections Alberta as Justice Minister.” “By implementing a policy straight out of the Wildrose platform, the PCs have taken an admirable step forward. Now they need to change their behaviour. After 41 years in power, this government has entrenched a culture of patronage, entitlement and corruption. The Wildrose Official Opposition will be watching to ensure that with this change in policy comes a badly needed change in culture from this government.”


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